The Team


Toni L Cameron

Certified Public Accountant

Toni is an accountant by day and gaming geek by night. As an accountant, Toni’s focus is dedicated to people like you — individuals, nonprofits, and small business owners. Toni’s adamant about taking care of all the things you just don’t have time to because she understands the value of a proper work-life balance.

Toni’s been an accountant for over 9 years and helps sort out her clients’ pesky bank reconciliations; generates quarterly reports to help clients track their progress; calculates end-of-year numbers needed for filing taxes; and handles other important accounting and financial activities vital to your success — including long-term financial planning, retirement, and taxes.

When she’s not busy crunching numbers, Toni enjoys backing exciting gaming and comic projects on Kickstarter, attending gaming conventions like PAX West, PAX Prime, SDCC, and ECCC, and cosplaying when she has the opportunity. Toni’s Sunday nights aren’t complete without a roll of the dice (D20, of course) during a game of D&D.


Elizabeth Gilmore


Elizabeth has been an accountant since 2014 and has over 2 years of experience with tax preparation. A recent addition to the TL;DR: Accounting team, Elizabeth is excited to use her tax expertise to help TL;DR: Accounting’s clients navigate smoothly through tax season. She is also studying and preparing for her CPA certification.

In 2014, Elizabeth graduated Magna Cum Laude from Seattle University with a BA in English from the College of Arts and Sciences and a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the Albers School of Business and Economics. Prior to graduation, Elizabeth served as an Accounting Department Tutor and was an active member of Seattle University’s Beta Alpha Psi Delta Eta Chapter.

In her free time, Elizabeth is staff for three northwest-based LARPs, where she’s co-authored a rulebook, manages a wiki, and is the second-in-command of a deco team. She also enjoys a weekly tabletop gaming session and wine and beer tasting in Portland.