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We make the tax process painless.
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No matter your financial situation or income, we make the tax process quick and painless.
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We help business owners and freelancers worry less and plan more.
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We specialize in private practice accounting to help therapists grow their business.

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    Team member spotlight: Josie
    Today we want to introduce Josie, a Tax and Accounting Specialist, that has rejoined our team! Josie is a licensed CPA and will be helping our clients with accounting and taxes.  ...
    Student Loan Payments by Employer
    Does your employer know that they can pay down up to $5,250 of your student loans annually, without increasing your income taxes? This is the kind of benefit that really helps employees...
    Restricted Stock Unit Taxes: Your W-2 & Everything Else You Should Know
    In 1999, Bonnie Brown saw an ad for an in-house masseuse position at a 40-employee startup business in Silicon Valley. It was a part-time job that paid $450 per week but also offered stock ...

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