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    Accounting for Therapists

    As a therapist, it's not your job to know accounting best practices, how to file private practice taxes, or how to keep accurate financial books ongoing - it's ours! We've been specializing in the private practice industry for years and know the ins and outs of accounting for therapists as well as how to make your business more profitable. Our mission is to help make your practice the most profitable it can be while taking the boring, stressful administrative tasks off of your hands. Let's dive in!

    Is it time to hire an accountant?

    Like all outsourcing decisions, this comes down to time and money. Do you have enough time to regularly care for your books? Do you know exactly where your money is going every month... or has it been awhile since you've checked? If it's been more than 2 months, it's probably time to get expert help. Additionally, if you have employees, need help growing the business or just unsure about deductions and/or other tax benefits - then it's time to hire an accountant. We wrote an in-depth blog post and recorded a video with more details.

    Why Hire An Accountant for Therapists?

    We know your business

    Running a private practice can be very different to running a typical small business. We see a few mistakes made over and over again such as not running as the most profitable business structure, missing estimated taxes, not tracking expenses and so on. The benefits of working with an accountant who specializes in private practice means you're not paying for a learning curve. We know what to look out for and how to steer you in a more profitable direction from the get go.

    We know the tax benefits

    Tax deductions and credits are different across business industry. By specializing in one industry, we have become experts in tax services for private practices of all shapes and sizes, which at the end of the day benefits you. We help you get the most out of your tax filings and cover a wide range of tax services including tax preparation, amended returns, audits, filing, and strategic tax planning.

    We help many therapists just like you

    An accountant for therapists means just that - we help many therapists like you organize and optimize their financials. We're well versed in business setup for first year therapists as well as large group accounting for established practices. Whatever financial problem or mistake you're making, chances are we've seen it and rectified it already!

    Kiki Erickson

    One of Many Happy Clients

    "Working with Toni Cameron and TL;DR Accounting was an outstanding experience. No matter your financial issues or position in life, Toni treats you with the greatest respect, gets to know you, understand your issues, and helps to make sure everything is in order."

    What accounting services do we provide?

    Tax Preparation for Therapists
    Bookkeeping for Therapists
    Financial Strategy & Coaching
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