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RSU vesting can trigger huge tax liabilities. We help you plan ahead to avoid any nasty surprises at tax time!

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Plan a Tax Strategy For Your Rsus

RSUs have no taxable value until after they vest. When they vest, they are considered as W-2 income, which means you must pay taxes on them.

Because RSU vesting can trigger huge tax liabilities, it only makes sense for your employer to withhold a portion of the RSU value upon vesting in order to reduce a “nasty surprise” tax burden later on. Even if you want to hold onto your stock when it vests, the fact that you have to pay tax on stock whether or not you sell it means that you might have to sell some RSUs just to cover taxes!

We help you plan a strong tax strategy ahead of time to limit your tax liability and avoid any surprises come tax season. 

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Between planning your total compensation tax strategy, filing taxes, responding to IRS notices, and planning for next year, taxes can become trickier (and lengthier!) when working at a Tech company or start-up. At TL;DR: Accounting, our Tech accountants handle it all for you at tax time so that all you need to do is sign! 


Katherine Tole
Katherine ToleTL;DR: Accounting Client
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If you're looking for a tech savvy CPA who understands the latest trends, I would highly recommend TL;DR! They are efficient, fast, explain everything in a manageable way, and a GREAT price!
AJ Bucci
AJ BucciTL;DR: Accounting Client
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Toni and her team at TL;DR are truly the best. Her team is very responsive and thorough in their work. Toni's tax return walk through is something I look forward to each year as it helps me better understand my current year return. In the past, I traveled a lot for my job. It's not always easy to find a team who can also manage out-of-state returns. Toni's team has had no issue with that. Thank you, TL;DR!
Brent Loe
Brent LoeTL;DR: Accounting Client
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Toni with TL;DR Accounting is absolutely amazing. Her answers to my digital goods taxation questions were clear and concise, not to mention very timely. I'd recommended her to my friends and family with no hesitation and know they'd be in good hands. She'll continue to be apart of my team for a long time.
Laura Wallace
Laura WallaceTL;DR: Accounting Client
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Wow. Just wow. I cannot say enough good things about TL;DR Accounting – this was the first year that my business taxes took less time than my individual, that I was sure I had paid the correct estimated taxes to the IRS, and that I approached the whole endeavor with confidence, clarity, and calm. This has never happened to me before (with taxes)!!!! Thank you so much – I'm so glad I found you!
Sarah Nenni-Daher
Sarah Nenni-DaherTL;DR: Accounting Client
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I've been with Toni and her team for years and am so happy I found the firm. They make it all so easy for our family and business.
KJTL;DR: Accounting Client
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I love TL;DR! They are kind, responsive and great with helping business owners like me figure out their taxes. I couldn't do my work without them! Plus the do my personal taxes as well! Having everything in one place makes life easier.

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