Team member spotlight: Usman

Usman - Accountant TL;DR

Today we want to introduce Usman, our new accountant, and the newest TL;DR team member to join the team!

Why did you decide to become an accountant?

My first exposure to accounting was in high school, and since then accounting came naturally to me. I was fascinated by the idea of how every business activity (no matter how insignificant it may appear in silo), when viewed interdependently with other activities, provides a much better and more detailed picture of the entire business activity.

When were you hired for TL;DR?

I was hired in January of 2023.

What made you decide to want to work for TL;DR?

The small team with the ability to make a huge impact attracted me to come and work for TL;DR.

What do you enjoy most about TL;DR?

Open and transparent knowledge sharing while pushing each other’s limits to enhance our competencies in the tax and bookkeeping world.

What is a typical workday like for you?

Depending on the time of the year it varies – usually, through the tax filing season we prepare and review returns while ensuring we’re meeting quality standards expected from the regulatory bodies and clients. For the rest of the year, I expect to study our client’s businesses and industries so we can provide world-class tax planning opportunities.

What is your favorite tip for small business owners?

Running a small business is not easy as is, since the owners have to wear multiple hats, but where possible they should always consider reaching out to tax and legal professionals as this will not only open up their capacity to focus on business operations, but it will reduce the legal and accounting/tax risk.

How do you stay informed about developments and changes in the accounting world?

We have signed up for accounting and tax newsletters where we get updates every week about the changes in the tax world. Also, we subscribe to monthly journals of industries in which the majority of clients work in.

What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

The biggest achievement is how far I have come; from graduating through Business School to working at a Big 4 Public Accounting firm and now helping small businesses grow in their communities.

What do you do outside of work?

I enjoy watching TV shows. Currently, I am re-watching an HBO series called “Succession.”

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?


Do you have any advice for those interested in entering the accounting field?

Network, network, and network!

We welcome Usman to the TL;DR: Accounting team!

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Toni Cameron, CPA

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Toni is an accountant by day and gaming geek by night. As an accountant, Toni’s focus is dedicated to people like you — individuals, nonprofits, and small business owners. Toni’s adamant about taking care of all the things you just don’t have time to because she understands the value of a proper work-life balance.

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