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Can We Meet In Person?

Can We Meet In Person?

Can We Meet In Person?

I am often asked where TL;DR is located and if a client can meet in person.

I am normally located at the SLU WeWork in Seattle. This week, I’m in London and working from a WeWork in Paddington. Every year, I take a few weeks to visit the east coast and my family in New York.

My penchant for travel and remote work is why scheduling appointments on my calendar is so important. It’s also why we don’t take unscheduled phone calls.

TL;DR: Accounting is a remote firm. Our team members work remotely from all around Seattle and Portland. Working remotely is a benefit to our employees, as studies show employees are more productive and happier when working from home. Plus, working from home saves our employees from dealing with traffic and the area’s housing prices.

So, no, you cannot meet with our team in person. You can, however, still meet us face-to-face, in a way, through Google Meet or Zoom. We also schedule regular phone calls with our clients. This allows us to connect with and see our clients without anyone needing to deal with traffic or conference rooms.

…but can we meet with you at the office?

We do not meet with new clients in person. We offer an introduction call to see if we are a good fit and to discuss how we can help solve your problems. After that, meetings can be worked into your package at a premium.

In order to provide the most value to our clients in this increasingly digital world, our clients tend to appreciate meeting digitally since it reduces the amount of time that they are not serving their clients.

TL;DR: Once you are a client we will meet with you in person if you request it.

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