TL;DR: Accounting is Growing!

2018 has been an exciting year of growth and development for TL;DR: Accounting. We’re happy to announce that, as of August 1st, we have merged and absorbed Primarily Bookkeeping, an established Seattle-area bookkeeping firm.

About Primarily Bookkeeping

Primarily Bookkeeping has been a firm for over six years and is staffed by a dedicated team of bookkeeping professionals with decades of combined experience. Primarily Bookkeeping is headed by Rachel Barnett, Your Bookkeeping Fairy Godmother. She’s joined by Nena Markoč, project manager and office coordinator, and Michelle Doherty, bookkeeper and licensed CPA.

TL;DR: It’s Been a Busy Year

This year’s tax season was busy — and not just because of taxes! In addition to absorbing Primarily Bookkeeping, we’ve grown our team with the addition of two accountants, Elizabeth and Tanya, and a lovely new assistant, Heather.

The growth of our team and firm will directly contribute toward our ability to bring our valued clients even better service, and we’re so excited for you to meet and work with them!

Structuring Our Points of Contact

As our firm’s grown, so too have our points of contact.

  • To schedule an appointment, please do so here.
  • If you have questions about getting copies of your prior year tax returns, please email Heather.
  • For tax questions, contact Elizabeth.
  • For any QuickBooks Online or bookkeeping questions, get in touch with Tanya.

TL;DR: We’re Growing to Better Serve Our Clients

Our firm’s growth this year has been a direct response to the needs of our clients. With the addition of Elizabeth, Tanya, and Heather, and the absorption of Primarily Bookkeeping, we’re more equipped than ever to see to our clients’ accounting, tax, and bookkeeping needs.


Team Member Spotlight: Elizabeth Gilmore

Elizabeth Gilmore is an accountant with over two years’ experience with tax preparation and a passion for business and accounting. She is currently working on her Enrolled Agent certification. Elizabeth is a valuable part of our team and we’re proud of the opportunity to introduce her to our clients. Read on to learn more about her!

Why did you decide to become an accountant?

I decided to become an accountant because I enjoy working with certainty of numbers, the evolving atmosphere of law, and in areas where I can help others.

When were you hired for TL;DR?

January 2018!

What made you decide to want to work for TL;DR?

Toni Cameron is someone I greatly respect and who trained me when we worked together at another firm. Knowing she was looking for someone to work with her made me immediately want to work with her.

What do you enjoy most about TL;DR?

I enjoy the ease of communication, the clear goals, and the great environment.

What is a typical work day like for you?

A typical workday includes checking emails, filing important documents or notes, and working on any projects that have been given to me. Because I help in most of the areas of the business, a day could include anything from filing tax forms to reconciling bank accounts.

What is your favorite tip for small business owners?

Always have a budget and, when forming one, make your predictions as accurate as possible! The extra work can save you a great deal of effort and agony further down the road.

How do you stay informed about developments and changes in the accounting world?

I check news sources as well as the websites of accountancy boards and federal regulators.

What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional?

My biggest achievement would be graduating college with an English Degree and an Accounting Degree. It was a lot of work, and I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that day.

What do you do outside of work?

I help run some Live Action Role-Playing games in the Northwest! My duties span making props and coordinating with other teams to developing Wikis.

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

Furiosa. Mostly for the legendary status, the explosions, and the feminism.

Do you have any advice for those interested in entering the accounting field?

The most important thing about being a good accountant is enjoying what you do. This field is made for passionate people who can geek out about numbers and changes of rules and the meanings of words — it’s for people to enjoy working in. Embrace it!


Team Member Spotlight: Toni Cameron

Toni Cameron is the owner of TL;DR: Accounting and a CPA. She’s happy to spotlight her experiences and welcomes the opportunity of her clients getting to know her better. Read on to learn more about her!

Why did you decide to become an accountant?
My dad started a small business that was an auto repair and body shop. Accounting and taxes was something that they were always behind in and it caused a ton of stress. Basically, it was a problem I could solve. After I took my first accounting course, I was hooked and decided to major in it. From there things just fell into place — it was something I understood and I was good at it. After I received my BS in Accounting, I went on to grad school and got my MS in Accounting, eventually earned my license, and I still enjoy what I do each day.

When did you decide to start your own accounting firm?
I started TL;DR: Accounting in the summer of 2016. My goal was to provide a well-rounded service offering to the small business community while providing a living wage for myself and any employees.

What do you enjoy most about TL;DR?
Being able to help clients. Some small business clients are not numbers people, which is fantastic because I can be that resource for them. I like finding ways to solve their problems, and then replicate it to other clients I have that are in similar situations.

What is a typical work day like for you?
I tend to start work around 9am, and I start taking meetings around 10am. My schedule is pretty flexible depending on when clients need to meet. If I don’t have a meeting with a client I have a to-do list of reviewing tax returns, looking over bookkeeping, or spending time on tax projections. I spend way more time than I would like on email so I have started limiting looking at email twice per day. Lately, I have been spending time trialing some new software for tax projection that would make it easier to collaborate with clients during meetings. My day usually has a break in it for the gym instead of lunch, and my end time can be anywhere from 4pm to 7pm.

What is your favorite tip for small business owners?
Keeping track of your expenses is hard, but worth it. Also, if you have a question ask it in a timely manner — we can solve problems when we know about them and after-the-fact is sometimes much more difficult.

How do you stay informed about developments and changes in the accounting world?
I take continuing education courses, and I tend to read a briefing every morning. With the new tax law in effect, I spend time researching the new rules and drafting blog posts so I can let our clients know.

What is your biggest achievement to date — personal or professional?
I would say starting TL;DR: Accounting. Starting a new business is hard work, especially when you start hiring employees. I am enjoying working with clients, helping my employees grow, and developing better ways to get things done. While it has been so much hard work, it has been worth it.

What do you do outside of work?
I am an avid geek — I love D&D and prefer 5th edition. I play in a few games a week within some ongoing campaigns. I also DM a few one-shots. I am a speed reader so I tend to read a book or two a week to keep myself sharp. I love board games like Darkest Night, and Dragonfire or even Splender. When I have time, I try to bake at least one goodie every few weeks, such as cinnamon rolls, homemade oreos and chocolate cake. I also bake a fantastic strawberry biscuit. I just realized that I might have way too many hobbies…

If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
Now this is a hard one, I have so many to choose from…Ia from the ‘Theirs Not To Reason Why’
series by Jean Johnson. It is a military Science Fiction novel. She is such a strong character and does what it takes to win, even though winning might not be what’s best for her, but best for the universe. One of her quotes is, “You may struggle to turn your Fate into your Destiny, but the Future is inescapable; it will drag you forward kicking and screaming.”

Do you have any advice for those interested in entering the accounting field?
Always be learning and find a good mentor. Developing a good work-life balance is important, but in the first couple of years it can be hard depending on the type of firm that you go to work for. If you begin to think accounting is not for you, it might be the boss or manager, not accounting.