Happy Tax Day

Hi All!

It is April 15th 2021 – which is usually the tax deadline! We made it across the first finish line of this season. Even though the deadline was extended to 5/17/21, the only thing that it let us delay is starting our extension calculations until next week.

At the same time we want to celebrate getting through the bulk of tax season. Our office is closed 4/16/21, and most of our staff is taking time off over the next two weeks. Once back in the office we will be focusing on non-profit tax returns which are due 5/17/21 and extensions for individual tax returns which need to be filed by 5/17/21.

While we might get some returns done that came in the door after our data drop date of 3/5/21, we plan to focus on these after 5/17/21.

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and gets some time to enjoy the weather!