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Can You Review My Self-Prepared Tax Return?

Can You Review My Self-Prepared Tax Return?

We get asked all sorts of questions about self-prepared tax returns during tax time:

Can you review my tax return?

Does this amount look right?

I didn’t know what information to put here.

TL;DR doesn’t review self-prepared returns before you file them. Unfortunately, reviewing a self-prepared return isn’t cost- or time-effective. It’s cheaper, and more efficient, for us to prepare a tax return on your behalf than it is for us to review a return you started on TurboTax or another software.

But Why Can’t You Review My Return?

We’re not able to tell if you entered the correct information in when filling out your tax return yourself. We also don’t know how you answered specific questions the software asked you.

What Should I Do?

Either file the tax return you prepared yourself, or hire a professional to prepare your return.

If you think you made a mistake on your self-prepared return and you receive a notice from the IRS, we can help you respond to the IRS or amend your return.

TL;DR: We do not review your self-prepared tax return before you file.

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