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    We specialize in private practice accounting

    While we work with individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes - our specialty is private therapy practice accounting. With years of expertise across tax services, bookkeeping & financial coaching for therapists, we are the go-to accounting firm for private practices across the States. Are you just starting out and need help getting your practice off the ground? Are you a large group practice that needs help with payroll and bookkeeping? We understand the unique needs of the therapy industry and offer clarity & financial direction for every practice size & situation.

    What types of practices do we work with?


    Are you just starting your practice and don’t know where to begin with your accounting and taxes?

    Janet has her licenses and finished her supervision. She has always dreamed of starting her practice and helping the LGBTQ community. She finds office space that she can afford, she starts the registrations process and gets her Psychology Today profile setup. Off the bat, she starts having phones calls to set up appointments with clients and her patient list begins to fill. Life is good, but the end of the year is approaching and she knows that she should be paying taxes on her income, but she doesn't know how. She also is concerned because while she has money in her bank account, she doesn't know if she is making any money.

    Janet gets a recommendation to book a meeting with us to discuss her concerns, three months later and Janet is no longer concerned.

    We have helped her put a system in place so her income and expenses are in one place. Janet uses SimplePractice for client management and now has separate books to keep track of her profit each month. Not to mention she now has a tax plan and sends in estimated payments on schedule. We take care of the calculations and she focuses on filling the last spots in her practice list.


    Have you been in business for over two years and content with where your practice is currently? Maybe you want to spend more time out of the office rather than doing your books or taxes?

    Lizzy has had her practice for three years now. She has a steady client base but on Facebook, she keeps hearing about S-Corps and distributions. Her taxes always seem to be more than she thinks they should be and she doesn't know where she is going wrong. Not to mention she would like to save for retirement and pay down her student loans but it seems she isn't making that much progress. A friend sent her our email and she booked a call.

    It has been a month and Lizzy's taxes have been taken care of - they were lower than expected and she put the extra money away towards retirement. We discussed S-Corporations and she has decided to go down that path. Lizzy didn't want to deal with the payroll, so she outsourced it to us - knowing we will get it done and she'll no longer need to worry. She now has a plan for paying down her student loans and allocates more money each month towards them.

    Does this sound like you?

    Do you have your system down, but want to know how to take it to the next level? Thinking of hiring another therapist? Do you want to grow to multiple locations?

    Gary has a successful practice - but he feels like he is always working. He has a wonderful partner but wants to plan a vacation, and take some time to enjoy his life. The thought of having a family is also bouncing around in his head and he doesn't know the best way to make this happen.

    We helped Gary free up more of his time by taking on his bookkeeping and payroll in-house. He is currently interviewing therapists to bring someone else into his practice to help reduce his wait list for patients.