Streamers, Youtubers & Content Creators

Who do we work with?

Streamers & YouTubers:

We're happy to work with any variety of streamer, whether you broadcast gameplay, host a podcast, or just vlog about your life.

Content Creators:

We work with businesses and individuals who earn income from a blog, mailing list, and other content.

Passive income for FIRE plans:

We help you manage your goal of achieving financial independence to help you retire early.

Our staff is judgement-free and all contracts are guaranteed discretion and privacy.

Does this sound like you?

We believe that you shouldn't be worrying about your accounting or taxes, and that you should have a team of professionals at your back. We work with a variety of services, providing guidance as needed.

  • Do you feel that you are bringing in revenue but aren't sure if you are doing your books correctly?
  • Are you worried about doing the wrong thing with your federal taxes?
  • At times do you need more time or are you overwhelmed with your to-do list?
  • Feeling worried that you aren't measuring up to your peers?
  • Ever feel that you don't have a business degree and you don't know if you are running your business the right way?
  • Are you filing your State taxes correctly?

We help Streamers, YouTubers and Content Creators who are doing what they love and worried about the financial side.

Schedule a Meeting

One of us will meet with you over the phone to see we are a good fit. We discuss what you need help with and the type of problems that you need us to solve. We discuss how we bill, what we will need from you and how to move forward.

Information Exchange & Quote

We set you up with a client portal and request the information needed to provide a quote. Normally this includes a copy of your prior year tax return, and access to your books  - if you have them. Once we have the info needed we work together to come up with a proposal that fits your needs and your budget.

Proposal & Moving Forward

Once you approve the proposal, and provide payment details - we start the onboarding process.

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