Business Owners & Freelancers

Small Business Owners

Bookkeeping & Back Office Support

We provide bookkeeping and accounting services using cloud-based software, to small business owners. Our goal is to free you from your bookkeeping tasks so you can do what you do well, built business. No longer will you dread being behind on your books. Knowing where you stand each month provides assurance that you are achieving your goals and growing your business in the direction you want. We provide monthly, quarterly or yearly support in various packages. Some of our options include profit & loss reports, projections to the future and quarterly reporting for your B&O taxes. We can also provide payroll support and 1099-Misc filings.


Tax Preparation and Planning Service

We believe small business owners should focus on building more business instead of worrying about filing their taxes. We provide year round tax services filing Federal, State, and Local returns. We include tax planning services with every return, discussing tax estimates for the next year. We don't charge for every email and phone call, we want to know what is going on in your business so we can provide better service, We quote tax services up front, so you know what you are going to be charged before we do the work.


So how does it work?

Schedule a Meeting

One of us will meet with you over the phone to go over our process for doing tax returns. We discuss how we charge, when things are due to us, and when to expect things to be done. If it is a great fit we will ask to see a copy of your prior return. Once we look it over we will get a signed engagement letter from you.

Information Exchange
We set you up with a client portal and send you an organizer based on the information on your prior return. You upload the information requested, and we start on your taxes. At this point we usually ask some more questions and get responses from you. Once, the return is complete it is reviewed, then a draft is sent to you. We discuss what the next year is going to look like, and if you are going to need any quarterly estimated taxes paid.
File Returns & Payment
Once you approve the return, and get us the signed 8879, we efile your tax returns. You will then get a final copy from us along with the invoice.

Providing a simple tax process

We believe that you shouldn't be worrying about your taxes, and that you should have a team of professionals at your back. We work with a variety of others, providing guidance as needed.

Do you have employees or independent contractors?

We can help you file the W-2s and 1099s that need to be filed. We help set up your data collection efforts from employees or from independent contractors so you have the correct information needed to file the 1099's and W-2s correctly.