Tax Preparation and Planning Services


Are you worried if you are doing your taxes correctly, or if you are going to owe a large amount come April 15th? Do you wonder if you are missing out on planning opportunities to save on your taxes? We can help with those worries and more. In 2012 the average tax return took 16 hours for Form 1040 for an individual to complete. We believe that you should get that time back, and let us take care of it. If you have received a notice from the IRS and you aren't sure what you should do, we can help you.

At TL;DR: Accounting we provide tax preparation and planning services to assist in minimizing your tax liabilities. We can take care of your Federal and State filing obligations, along with quarterly or annual tax projections so you aren't surprised on April 15th.


So how does it work?

Schedule a Meeting

One of us will meet with you on the phone to go over our process for doing tax returns. We discuss how we charge, when things are due to us, and when to expect things to be done. If it is a great fit we will ask to see a copy of your prior return. Once we look it over we will get a signed engagement letter from you.

Information Exchange
We set you up with a client portal and send you an organizer based on the information on your prior return. You upload the information requested, and we start on your taxes. At this point we usually ask some more questions and get responses from you. Once, the return is complete it is reviewed, then a draft is sent to you. We discuss what the next year is going to look like, and if you are going to need any quarterly estimated taxes paid.
File Returns & Payment

Once you approve the return, and get us the signed 8879, we efile your tax returns. You will then get a final copy from us along with the invoice.

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Ben & Caroline G.

We found Toni with less than a month left until our taxes were due after moving across the country on a very tight timeline for a new work opportunity. We had a very complicated tax situation this year with the move, partnership income, small business income and a new child. Toni saved us. Not to mention she's incredibly organized, knowledgeable and (we daresay) almost makes taxes fun. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Gratefully, Ben and Caroline G.

J. Barnes, Professor, Author, CEO.

Working with Toni Cameron and TL;DR Accounting was an outstanding experience. No matter your financial issues or position in life, Toni treats you with the greatest respect, gets to know you, understand your issues, and helps to make sure everything is in order. 

Providing a simple tax process

We believe that you shouldn't be worrying about your taxes, and that you should have a team of professionals at your back. We work with a variety of others, providing guidance as needed.

Did you receive a notice from the IRS from a self prepared return? We can take care of this.

We can help you file amended returns if needed, and provide guidance on how to move forward. Don't contact the IRS on your own, let us help you.

Frustrated Taxpayer

Toni was fantastic in processing our tax returns for 2016. She has a very easy to use portal for us to upload the documents and the questions guide us through the different documents needed. Once we uploaded our documents, she got the tax returns done in 3 days, which was the fastest we have ever processed taxes. She gave her fees information upfront so we had our expectations set from the get go. Since we started late, we were pretty sure that we had to file an extension, but thanks to Toni's prompt responses to our questions and extremely fast and efficient processes, we got our taxes filed. I highly recommend Toni as a tax accountant.


Toni took away my headache of taxes. It was so easy. 

Krystal Ford

Toni did an excellent job of asking the right questions to get me my maximum refund. I had very complicated taxes and she handed the job with great professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced CPA.