Is it your first year in private practice?
Here's our getting started pack.

    We make bookkeeping as a therapist less scary:

    Are you scared you don’t understand what you need to for the financial side of your business?
    Is managing self-employment taxes overwhelming?
    Do you need to learn how to calculate your quarterly taxes to avoid IRS penalties and fees?

    We Created a DIY Bookkeeping Course for Therapists!

    The TL;DR: Accounting for Your Practice course was developed to give new practices a solid foundation to begin managing their finances. This course provides enough information to stop worrying about your money so that you can focus on your clients. TL;DR: Accounting for Your Practice was setup to be easy to follow and apply to your own practice—even if you find numbers overwhelming!

    What will you learn?

    Keep and Maintain Accurate Records
    Save Adequately for Retirement
    Learn How to Reach Your Target Salary
    Plan for your Federal, State, and Local Taxes

    "Saved Me So Much Time!"

    Parisa E.
    Parisa E.
    “I knew I needed accounting, tax, and bookkeeping skills in starting my private practice, and TLDR’s focus on therapists convinced me this was the right product for me. The videos, Q&A, cheat sheet, and Excel sheets were so helpful. Toni breaks things down in a way that is stress-free and saves me lots of time. Now I have the tools I need to successfully manage my business independently. Thanks Toni!” - Parisa E.