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    Does this sound like you?

    I don’t know if I am keeping track of my financial numbers correctly?
    I don’t know how to do the tax thing for my business on my own…
    This is my first year of being independent and I guess I need to pay taxes in January…

    Don't worry, it's normal.

    You’re not the only therapist in private practice stressed out and overwhelmed by questions about taxes, bookkeeping, and accounting. In fact, I hear questions like the above all the time from prospective clients. I leverage my expertise to help you to put a system in place that creates a worry-free area for your practice so you can give your clients the focus they deserve without worrying about numbers and record-keeping.

    Juliana Snapp | Juliana Snapp Psychotherapy + Consulting PLLC

    Before Financial Coaching with TL;DR: Accounting

    "I used to be intimated by managing all of the financial aspects of my business. I'm a trained psychotherapist and feel confident in my craft, but I have never had any experience running a business. I did the best I could, but I never felt fully comfortable - it was a constant source of stress."

    After Working with TL;DR: Accounting

    “I am in a totally different place after this program. Now, I feel so much more confident with my practice finances and feel like I have the tools to manage everything from quarterly taxes, business savings, and monthly expenses. I know how to make realistic projections to organize my goals and take intentional steps to achieve them. The program was like a business boot camp - ambitious, but I felt totally supported every step of the way! It never felt too overwhelming and everything was easy to understand.”

    Juliana Snapp | Juliana Snapp Psychotherapy + Consulting PLLC

    How can we help?

    1:1 Business Coaching vs. DIY Course

    Private Practice Just Starting Package with One-on-One Business Coaching for $1,200

    Set up an accounting system for you using either Excel or QuickBooks Online

    Review your Year-to-Date Books

    Estimate your Federal Taxes for the year

    Plan your Retirement Calculations for the year

    Establish Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Checklists of what you need to do within your practice

    Hold 3 Meetings with me over 3 months (Kick-off meeting, Progress meeting, Wrap-up meeting)

    Best for someone who wants accountability


    The Private Practice Just Start Package teaches you what you need to do to keep your books in order, pay your taxes on time, and how to think about money in your practice. In addition, I will send over a webinar I taught about managing money between your practice and your personal accounts. We will apply this to your firm using your data, crafting a monthly saving plan so you know how much to save for taxes, retirement and your goals each month.

    Major payments and goals — like student loans and saving for a mortgage down payment — are worked into your custom-tailored plan. You will also have checklists of things to do for homework before our meetings and a plan to follow for the year so you know what you need to be doing to stay on track and achieve your financial goals.


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      TL;DR: Accounting for Your Practice Online Course for $250 - The DIY Option

      Keep and maintain records

      Reach your target salary

      Plan for your Federal, State, and Local Taxes

      Save for retirement

      Understand your numbers

      Best for self-starters


      The TL;DR: Accounting for Your Practice course was developed to give new practices a solid foundation to begin managing their finances. This course provides enough information to stop worrying about your money so that you can focus on your clients. TL;DR: Accounting or Your Practice was set up to be easy to follow and apply to your own practice—even if you find numbers overwhelming!

      Included in the course are resources such as an Excel income and expense tracking sheet, ways to estimate your taxes and retirement, and checklists for your month, quarter, and year… Plus our cheatsheet of your must-get-done tasks!