Private Therapy Practices

Does this sound like you?

We believe that you shouldn't be worrying about your accounting or taxes, and that you should have a team of professionals at your back. We work with a variety of services, providing guidance as needed.

  • Do you feel that you are bringing in clients but aren't sure if you are doing your books correctly?
  • Are you worried about doing the wrong thing with your federal taxes?
  • At times do you need more time or are you overwhelmed with your to-do list?
  • Feeling worried that you aren't measuring up to your peers?
  • Ever feel that you don't have a business degree and you don't know if you are running your business the right way?
  • Are you filing your State taxes correctly?

We help therapists who are running private practices every day, we know the issues that you are talking about.

Who do we work with?

Just Starting - Janet Strong
Lifestyle Practice - Lizzy Potts
Growing Bigger - Gary Brave

Are you just starting your practice and don't know where to begin?


Janet has her licenses and finished her supervision. She has always dreamed of starting her practice and helping the LGBTQ community. She finds office space that she can afford, she starts the registrations process and gets her psychology today profile set up. Off the bat, she starts having phones calls to set up appointments with clients and her patient list begins to fill. Life is good, but the end of the year is approaching and she knows that she should be paying taxes on her income, but she doesn't know how. She also is concerned because while she has money in her bank account, she doesn't know if she is making any money.


Janet gets a recommendation to book a meeting with us to discuss her concerns, three months later and Janet is no longer concerned.


We have helped her put a system in place so her income and expenses are in one place. While she runs her SimplePractice for the client management side she now has separate books and knows what her profit is each month. Not to mention she now has a tax plan and sends in estimated payments on a schedule. We take care of the calculations and she focuses on filling the last spots in her practice list.

Have you been in business for over a year and want to get the most out of your business?


Lizzy Potts has had her practice for three years now. She has a steady client base but on Facebook she keeps hearing about S-Corps and distributions. Her taxes always seem to be more than she thinks they should be and she doesn't know where she is going wrong. Not to mention she would like to save for retirement and pay down her student loans but it seems she doesn't make any progress.


A friend sent her our email, and she booked a call.


It has been a month and Lizzy's taxes have been taken care of, they were lower than expected and she put some money away towards retirement. We discussed S-Corporations and she is going down that path. Lizzy didn't want to deal with the payroll, so she outsourced it to us - knowing we will get it done and she doesn't need to worry about her budget. The big item is a plan for paying down her student loans, and allocating money each month towards them.

Do you have this down, but want to know how to take it to the next level? Thinking of hiring another therapist? Do you want to grow to multiple locations? Do you want some of your time back?


Gary has a successful practice - but he feels like he is always working. He has a wonderful partner but wants to plan a vacation, and take some time to enjoy his life. The thought of having a family is also bouncing around in his head and he doesn't know the best way to make this happen.


One of his friends who just hired his first employee mentioned us in passing and how we were helping her practice. Gary sets up a meeting with us and things change for the better.


We helped Gary free up more of his time by taking on his bookkeeping and payroll in-house. He is currently interviewing therapists to bring someone else into his practice to help reduce his wait list for patients.

Schedule a Meeting

One of us will meet with you over the phone to see we are a good fit. We discuss what you need help with and the type of problems that you need us to solve. We discuss how we bill, what we will need from you and how to move forward.

Information Exchange & Quote

We set you up with a client portal and request the information needed to provide a quote. Normally this includes a copy of your prior year tax return, and access to your books  - if you have them. Once we have the info needed we work together to come up with a proposal that fits your needs and your budget.

Proposal & Moving Forward

Once you approve the proposal, and provide payment details - we start the onboarding process.

What do they say?

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Sandra S.

I found Toni through the GSBA listings, and I'm ecstatic that I did. I'm just launching my small business, and none of my training has taught me how to be an entrepreneur. It can be a little intimidating to know that you're responsible for Everything without knowing what everything entails.

Toni is helping with that. She's an accountant, and somehow also a business coach. She's helping me not only organize and keep my finances in line, she's helping me structure how I think about them, and thus how I think about my time and my business itself. She was personable and spoke to me on my level without being patronizing. I trust her to be reliable and detail-oriented, and to help me navigate this process- not just keeping my practice from going under, but helping me make it a success.

I would highly recommend her to other small business owners, or anyone else trying to maintain a larger direction/vision without stumbling over the little, but essential steps along the way.